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Yup, it’s Dragon ball. To being my saga of the #dragonballblogforlife,  I wish to share with you, my lovely audience, about my first experience into the great work of Akira Toriyama. To frank be fam, I cannot for the life of me remember the very first time I have even seen Dragon Ball. But I know for a fact that what really got me into dragon ball as a kid, 8ish, was the videos games for the PlayStation 2.

Yes, the good ol’ dual shock analog sticks controllers and memory cards of the PS2. So around 2006ish, My brother and I got a ps2 with our very first game, Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 1. I spent so many hours playing that game, screaming my head off yelling kamehameha, and palm rolling those analogue sticks til I got blisters. Then, We got the new and SOOOOO much improved Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2. One of the great features of this game was that It included very simple 3D cinematics throughout each mission of the main story mode that you were able to grasp an understading of the show. I learned the entire story of Dragon Ball Z , from raditz to majin buu, from these games.( By the way, I got good in those games, especially DBZ TB2 and Budokia 3. )

Eventually, I learned that Dragon Ball Z aired in Toonami Cartoon Network, and that’s where I began my the true Adventure of Dragon Ball Z. Man, as a kid, hell even now, the action of DBZ was so thrilling! Aliens, kids, demons, androids, and magic bubble gum monsters going ham, shaking the entire earth, then destroying it, and then the heroes wish it back with Dragon balls. If you’re a DBZ fan, you cannot deny the times you’ve tried to get your power level over 9000 thousand and go SUPER SAIYAN-JIN, nawmean?!

Also, when I visited México for the first time, I was so stoked that DBZ was a thing there, probably even bigger in the US at that time. IT was in Spanish, which I did not knew at the time ( #pleasedon’tjudgeme),but I still watched it. It was the only was way of bonding with my cousins besides playing fútbol every day.

Yes, I even watched Dragon Ball GT( Goku TIME). Yes, I liked it, and SSj 4 Goku and Gogeta are fucking amazing!!!!!

It was not until I was around 13-14 when I learned of the DRAGON BALL. NO Z, No GT, NO KIA. Dragon Ball. I actually read volume one of the Manga by series creator, Akira Toriyama, that was when I learned who the creator was after about 6 years of constantly viewing his work. I loved it. Goku as kid , a country bumpkin, by himself in woods, acting like a monkey boy, because he was. He had a monkey tail. Then one day, a girl runs him over and then proceeds to shoot Goku repeatedly, leaving only light bruises. That was when Bulma first appeared in the series. The plot was that Bulma invented a device called the dragon radar that located the magical wishing orbs called Dragoon Balls, and Goku just happen to be in position of the four star ball given to him by his Grandfather, Son-Gohan. At this point is how Dragon Ball won me over. Bulma wants the dragon ball and tries to persuade Goku to give it to her. She proceeds to tempt him with a free look at her panties. Then Goku says, “I don’t want to look at your dirty butt.” Haha. Yes it was cheesy AF, but it got me then and now I laugh as I write this blog. Thanks to the Manga , I began the watch the OG show. I’ll be honest. Dragon Ball is my favorite out of all the series, including the on-going Dragon Ball Super! Can’t wait to watch episode 78 when I finish this.

If you have read this far, I thank you very much for reading my ramblings of my love of dragon ball. If you’re not a DB fan, then you give no fucks about this blog, so ha! The main reason for me to start at my beginning is because I want to know as one DB fan to another, how did you get into dragon ball? Did you start at the Z anime like most kids in the West? Was it the Games like me? Was it the manga? I guess we’ll tune in NEXT time on the next episode of Dragon Ball Blogs by Roy.

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Is it the End?

Hey. A Dragon Ball Nerd. The Krillmaster here.

DBZ Krillin OWNS

First I want to thank all you, those who choose to read my blog and those who have to read it. It’s been a trip. I was able to talk about my love for Dragon Ball as grade in college, and I will forever cherish that. Sadly, A Dragon Ball nerd will be discontinued, but hopefully I was able to accomplish a few things.

  • Spread my love of Dragon Ball to my class

  • Showing both the Bad and the Good of Dragon Ball

  • Proved that Krillin is strongest there is.

  • Discussed some of the key influences on the Dragon Ball series

  • Explained a couple of Character Developments

  • Talked about the Glory of DBZ games

  • Highlighted some of the Biggest Online Dragon Ball Personalities

  • Team Fucking Four Star!

  • Supporting the official release !

A Dragon Ball Nerd: The Last Blog

What did I mean about ” Is it the end?”? Well, I want to discuss the end of Dragon Ball.

On January 31, 1996 the last episode of DBZ aired in Japan. Then we had Dragon Ball GT. Yes it’s a thing, get over it. and Yes Toriyama did have some say on the show. Regardless of the movies and video games. But After that, the world or even Toriyama did not think that Dragon Ball will return to TV.

DB OG introDBZ IntroDB GT the gangDBZ KAIDBS intro

Then, Battle of Gods happened. And we loved it. Then, we had Resurrection F. And it looked amazing.

Now, we have Dragon Ball Super. From 2015 to current, 87 episodes, 4 arcs completed, and the current Threat of the Universal Survival Battle Royal arc. And WE DB fans are loving and hating it.

The question is, will Dragon Ball Super end?

Well, yeah. But not soon. It will continue as long as the show makes money, and Bandi Namco are making sure of that. ( I’m taking about Dragon Ball Marketing!)

The better question is, “what is going to happen to the end of Z?”.

DB the end of Z

I’ll remind the nerds and to the other nerds teach them that Dragon Ball Super take place during the 10 year time gap between the defeat of Majin Buu ( Kid Buu)  and the end of Z when Goku take his new pupil, Uub, and flies away.

Now with 4 arcs completed in Super and the fifth one reaching the rising action, Toei does not have alot of time left til the end of Z. So alot of fan are wondering that ” Will Super go beyond the end of Z?”.

I say yes. Mainly, because I agree with MasakoX’s and Geekdom101’s predictions that the show will. The biggest evidence for their predictions is the fact that Super is making money and that amount of world building Toriyama, Toyotarou, and Toie that has gone in the making of Super. Like the Gods of Destruction, the 12 universes, the Alternate Timelines, and of course the Space Exploration of GT can also be taken into account.

Where would they go with Super? I think that first that there is no logical way for the new world of Dragon Ball Super to continue with the GT timeline. Due to the impact of the Gods, we have to consider them two different continuities.

The other thing, mentioned both MasakoX and Geekdom101, that the possibility of a Dragon Ball Next Generation. Hell, if Naruto ( now Boruto) and Jojo can do this, so can Dragon Ball. How we accomplish this? We will need a couple things.

First, Vegeta and Goku have to go. They will be missed and never be forgotten, but we fans do need something fresh. Fans are have been complaining the Super is the Goku and Vegeta show. Also, if Goku and Vegeta continue to be in the show, that means they have to get stronger. Eventually, they’ll be too strong and the series will begin to dull.

Next, We need Goten, Trunks, Pan, Bra, and Uub ( and possibly other offspring of the Z fighters) to become the leads. Yup, not Gohan. He needs to become Grandpa Gohan. DB the next Gen

Also, we need new lore. New arcs. Guess what? That has already been done. Ever heard of  Dragon Ball Online and Dragon Ball Heros? They influenced Dragon Ball Xenoverse 1 and 2.

They’re Games made in Japan and released only in the east, that have new future continuities of Dragon, after the End of Z and also include the end of GT.DB onlineDB Krillin Sage

In those continuities ( mainly in Dragon Ball Online) , a lot has happened.

  • Gohan published a book on Ki control and martial arts that brought Ki control and training to the Public.
  • Tien and Krillin have opened up new Crane and Hermit Schools, respectively
  • Trunks and Goten founded the School “The Kikoukenjutsu Sword School (気功剣術, Kikōkenjutsu; lit. “Energy Control Fencing”)
  • Goku and Vegeta, nearing the end of their days, leave Earth and have their final battle.
  • Majin Buu makes his own Waifu and had babies. Thus, the Majins are now a newly populated race in the Galaxy.
  • and so much more.
  • Bonus Link, a Geekdom101 Video: Goku vs Vegeta: The Final Battle
  • Bonus Link, a MasakoX Video:DRAGON BALL – THE ONLINE TIMELINE | A Dragonball Discussion

So yeah, they have a lot to work with to make Dragon Ball the Next Generation. Please note, that this is just FAN Theory. To date, there is no official statement on the possibility of this so-called ” Dragon Ball: the Next Generation”. We are just entertaining the thought.

My final thoughts:

Even if Dragon Ball ends on the TV, it will never leave our hearts. The best examples are in the community Today. Team FoursStar, Geekdom101, Qaaman’s land, and the others, Fan-made Manga, and much more.

And Always: Support the Official Release!

So guys what do you think, should Dragon Ball end soon? Or Is the possibility of a next Generation Z fighters just too good to pass on?

P.S. Dragon Ball Favs:

  • Fight in OG Dragon Ball: Goku vs Piccolo Jr. in the last tournament arc
  • Fight in DBZ: The first Goku vs Vegeta Fight
  • Fight in Dragon Ball Super: Hit vs Goku, the Universe 6 arc, because of Kaioken Blue!
  • Favorite Moment in Super: Gohan as Great Saiyaman saving his Family from Watagash.
  • Best of GT: the Japanese opening theme and SSj 4 first Transformation.
  • Favorite TFS DBZ Abridged Episode: #20

Tune in next Time??? …..

UP-n-Coming Fan-made DBZ game?!

What is Dragon Ball Unreal ?!

Sup Nerds.

Have you guys heard of Dragon Ball Unreal? It is a fan-made Dragon Ball game using Unreal Engine by emudshit. I shit you not, that is his handle on You Tube. Lol.

A little over a year ago, he announced his development of Dragon Ball Unreal. This got the attention of several of the Dragon Ball Community You Tubers, such as Rhymestyle and Pungence.

To continue this blog, I would appreciate if you guys watched a short Video about it. You can choose not too, and just take my world on how awesome this game is and will become.


My Thoughts

I can see why the game is called UNREAL. Besides from the gaming engine, the game is gorgeous.  It reminded me first of Dragon Ball Z ULTIMATE TENKAICHI. The BEST Dragon Ball Game- * chokes.


I have played this game. I made my custom character.

Now I say EMUDSHIT’S Project reminds me of DBZUT because of the Graphics and Animations.

We nerds can all agree that Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi is basically Dragon Ball Budokai 3’s Dragon Rush mechanic as its entire premise, which made it a beautiful but DUMB and Boring game.

DBZB3 Dragon Rush

From Ultimate Tenkaichi, I go back to the one of the “Realeset” DBZ games, The Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi series.

DragonBall Z - Budokai Tenkaichi 3

The sample game play in the Trailer reminded me of the combat and movement from the Tenkaichi Series. If you have not read my previous Blog on my love for the Tenkaichi Series, Let me cut it short for you. The Tenkaichi series moved from the Standard 2 D Mortal Kombat Fighting Style to 3 D style Fighting.

However Dragon Ball Unreal, takes that Concept and takes it to over 8, 000 ! If you want to know what I mean by that. please read my previous blog. Thanks

Now I can go into further detail into, but it’s it better to see it for yourself.   * I’m going to link a gameplay video at the end of the Blog.

Emudshit and his updates….

Now, remember this is a fan-made Dragon Ball game. The majority of the Game is made by Emudshit alone, so this game currently is a very Early, un-finished project.

For example, in the Trailer, you should have caught a glimpse of Namek and other areas of the Dragon Ball world. However, only 3, give or take a couple, are playable. You also saw several characters, but only Goku is the only playable character. And only SSj Goku has the full combat and super moves mechanics.

Not to mention there’s a handful of bugs throughout the game. There’s some in the in game menu, the main menu, some of the attacks do not sometimes work properly and ect.

Yes that may seem unsatisfying, but it’s a one man band. Emudshit is currently relying on his YT channel and his Pateron to support his project.

Now as a fellow college student, I understand if you do not wish to give some money to his project. All I am doing is: I am subscribed to his channel and watch his video updates, and just spreading the world. That is the least as I can do for a fellow Dragon Ball nerd.

And to be honest, before I would Pateron emudshit, I would first Team Four Star, then Little Kurioboh, and so on.

That’s all Folks. What do you think of the game? Is it great? Will it become great once it is fully developed? DO you see it as what Ultimate Tenkaichi should have been? Please let me know.

Here are the Links to Dragon Ball Unreal Gameplay and Emudshit Videos.


Dragon Ball Unreal: Incredible Fan-Made Game & FREE DEMO COMING!? A Rhymestyle Promo

DragonBall Unreal: GAMEPLAY | Spirit Bomb | SSJ4 Gogeta! by jDantastic

How to download and play Dragonball unreal “for Dummies” by EMUDSHIT



















DBZ Video Games: My 1#

Dragon Ball Z Budokia Tenkaichi 2 is my Favorite Dragon Ball Video Game.

edit: the TenKaichi Series in General*

tenkaichi 2

What?! Why not Budokia 3, or Xenoverse?

In my first blog post of the A Dragon Ball Nerd series, I mentioned that I was first introduce to Dragon Ball Z by playing the video games. So I have decided to share with my fellow nerds and those of you who have to view my blog ( @ the Latter: sorry but this is going to be BOOORRINNG for you).

Now I SAY right now that DBZBT2 is NOT the best Dragon Ball Z game ever. *On a side note, I say that Dragon Ball Z Super Sonic Warriors for the Gameboy Advanced SP is possibly the BEST DBZ video game ever. However, that is not today’s Topic.

1st let me answer briefly to the question above:

Budokia 3- Fuck Dragon Rush. It used to be that all I had to do to activate Warp Kamehameha was P P K K E and have atleast three bars of ki. So fuck you for making that a near impossibility in the third installment of best Dragon Ball Z video game Fightinhg series to date.

Xenoverse: 1) I do not a have many hours on that shit yet, and I have not play the second one yet. So I cannot give a more detailed opinion. Also, It’s a Action RPG with a simple yet effective Fighting engine. Therefore, it’s not a full fledged fighting game.

Please comment below of your thoughts on those games.

My love for DBZBT2 (aka BT2)

The Tenkiaichi series starts out as many DBZ Games do with the Arrival of Raditz and to the End of Z and the End of GT. The one of the first take aways of the game was the immense Rosters of Characters. From saibamen to Super Saiyan 4  Gogeta. However the real appeal of the game was The large open world arenas,  the weird camera angles, the music, and the COMBOS!

BT2 Story Mode*In story mode, you fly around the Earth or Planet Namek to specific markers on the map to engage in Main story points or side quests.

Yes, BT2 made me feel that I was in total control of the Z fighter’s and the Villain’s full destructive power, overwhelming speed, and all of their finishing moves. The Tenkaichi was able to establish this by going from that standard 2D Mortal Kombat fighting style into the 3D Fighting Style. This allow players to move around freely in the open world arenas.

*In the pic below, you could also fly below the chilly waters.

BT2 Glacier

You were able to flying around Kami’s Lookout, Kame House, Planet Namek, and more. This really makes you feel that your blasting and combo-ing in the world of Dragon Ball. Also it has simple environmental destruction qualities. You could destroy boulders, trees, and buildings directly or by launching your opponent into it dealing extra damage. The very Dragon Ball feel of this mechanic was if you directed a Blast Ultimate near or toward the ground of the one of the arenas with a planet, it would activate a cut scene of  showing your blast destroying chuck of the planet and then the arena becomes ” Ruined” wasteland. ( If it’s on Namek, it’s the same only on fire.)

The combat system was more like an actual Dragon Ball Z fight than the Budokia Series. With the destructive environments and the 3D movement, the player can combo his/her opponent across the entire arena. You could launch a 10-20 hit combo, teleporting, or flying into your opponent, and at the end of it your could unleash your Kamehameha. You could also trip your opponent or your stun them and then  unleash your Disctructo Discs ( aka the Kienzan). Just like when Goku unleashed his x20 Kiaoken Kamehameha against Freeza or when Piccolo almost nail No. 17 with his Hellzone Grenade.

Speaking of Super Moves and Finishers, this game had the Ki blast clash mechanic before Budokia. Both Games had the simple melee clash. In the Tenkaichi series, the melee clash was activated when both opponents engaged in Dragon Dash via manual button impute or by activating a Melee Super. The Clash was a simple who can move the analog stick in a fucking circles the fastest.

However, thanks to the beam clash mechanic,us nerds could recreate the Epic Galick Ho vs Kiaoken x 4 Kamehameha.

The Tenkiachi series also used a a simple RPG leveling system. In the game, You find and buy Potaras. These Potaras give your character a base bonus on a Stat: Health, KI, Attack, Defense, Blast 1 ( special techniques such as the solar Flare and the Kiaoken) , Blast 2 ( KI blasts such as the Full power energy wave), and the Ultimate Blast ( such as the KI KO HO) .  When you use a Potara, it gains XP in battle, so the Potaras actually level up and give you a bigger boast. All stats max out at 20.BT2 Stats

However, every character could raise every stat. You had to choose which stats you want to boast and the rest would be left at lvl 1. However this is Why I loved the Game. I figured out which stats to boast, and I would grind for days.


Pro Tip: Us the Special Orange Potaras, they can give the ability for certain characters to have another stat to boast and grind or give you special battle quirks such as all Supers only use half the amount of Ki.

Pro Tip: Do not improve Blast 1 or Defense. Speed and Power always win.

Thanks to this feature I could make Krillin GOD TIER and fucking wreck my friends with the Krillin combo: Enter Max Power Mode by having max ki. Use the infinite one button combo, use the lift kick combo, stun, and then Fierce Disctructo disc.

To be fair, you can do this with every single character with their respected ultimates. Thus, the game got repeated after several hundred hours. I loved it anyway.

Overall, the 3D fighting system, blast clashes, and the Leveling up/ grinding is why I love this game the most. Now there’s also the story mode and bonus What If Sagas that the Game does have, however I just wanted to talk about why I love BT2 over Budokia 3.

Yes I know there’s a BT3, but I Liked being able to deal over 5 million damage as base form goku with the Spirit Bomb, and BT2 gave that to me and then BT3 took it away. I missed that. Also, there’s more battles in BT2 Story Mode than Bt3.

Yes I admitt, the Dragon Fist in BT3 is so much cooler than the one in  BT2.

That’s it nerds. Tune in Next time. For a up and coming Dragon Ball Game…






Krillin’s coolest there is…

IT’S KRILLER TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*pic from the DB Super Anime episode 76

Guys, Krillin ( Kuririn in the original JAP dub) is one of my favorite Characters in all of Dragon Ball. I see Krillin as a role model, way more than I see Goku as one. He’s a family man, and despite the odds, he always gives it his best shot to (help) stop the villain. HELL, without Krillin there Dragon Ball would be very different, and possibly would have ended in very early. Krillin's family

Yet, I did not always see Krillin in such a positive light.

I used to think that Krillin was lame.

In my first blog, I talked about how I got into Dragon Ball Z with the video games, and the video games did tell the tale of DBZ in a simple, for the most part in a correct, way.DBZ supersonic Krillin

Krillin was always the one in trouble, getting owned, and killed. Yes, he helped out, but I always felt he’s involvement was rather insignificant. That’s what I gathered from the games’ story line. Whenever there was a Krillin mission, I was like “Ugh, He has no good or cool moves. He’s base stats were below average .” Krillin_Owned_Count_7

Funny enough, once I got gud in the games, after hours and hours of replay, I played krillin more often in missions and against my friends as a handicap. It made the game harder for me, which I enjoyed. It made me a better DBZ video game player.( I know that does not say much for today’s games, but It’s all I got.”I may not live

Once I started to watch the Funimation Dub and the movies, My respect for Krillin went from hardly none to helpful, comic relief character. Hell, I used to think that Krillin’s greatest *CO-achievement was being the catalyst for the most iconic anime transformation of all time, the Super Saiya-jin, Son-Goku.

Krillin Dies by Freezer_MangaSSJgoku1st-manga.pngCan’t read the panels, neither can I. But I have memorized this scene( the Funimation Dub) to heart. #neeeerrrrrrddddddd!!

The only other time I respected Krillin as a kid was when I saw that He and Android 18 ( really a cyborg ) were actually married and had a kid! At the time, it was more of a shallow macho respect, because I only saw it as the short dude got with the hottie.


If you have read my blog on TFS. you know that I love their work so much. Just to refresh your memory. Dragon Ball Z Abridged is a non-profit fan made parody by Team Four Star. One of the co-founders and writers, Lanipator, voices Abridged Krillin. He and along with the other creators took the comic relief role of Krillin and went even further beyond. They were able to flesh out Krillin’s faults and traits better than the Funimation Dub did.

This made krillin more relatable  with the audience, and become more than just a simple comic relief Character. TFS punch drunk krillin

*This one of my favorite scenes of TFS: DBZA. DBZA episode 20: Punch Drunk Krillin ( The link will take you a couple minutes before the actual moment depicted above to give some context. Please feel free to watch the entire video, then Binged that shit. )

Once I began my love for abridged series, I also discovered other big members of the youtube community such as Geekdom101, Qaaman’s Land, and MasakoX. These guys held discussions on Krillin’s strength, significance in the series, and his overall character development. They helped me open my eyes on how amazing Krillin is.

One, thanks to Krillin, Toriyama’s Dragon Ball series was able to gain major popularity. The first arc of the manga, the original Dragon Ball, had a trio of ridiculous criminals looking for the Dragon Balls to wish for world domination. However, it was not until Goku was looking for a master and the introduction of his rivial Krillin that the series really kicked off.

I am not saying that the manga was awful. The issue back then was with Goku’s character. It was rather plain. So Toriyama’s idea to give goku a rival, not to mention a smart ass rival like kid Krillin, was what Goku needed to become a more developed character. This helped motivate Goku in his training and made the very first World Martial Arts Tournament arc so successful. Without Krilin, Goku would have not got a decent character development and could have caused the end of such a beloved series.

2, One video by Geekdom1o1: How did Krillin seduce 18? , had a discussion of Krillin’s character and charm helped him marry such a badass women. In the videdo, they made the argument how kind and genuine  Krillin is a person and the fact that he stands up to fight no matter how high the odds are stacked against him, Pun intended, were some of the key factors of how 18 grew to love Krillin.

Yes, this a rather romantic subject for Dragon Ball, especially since Toriyama does not like to include deep romantic elements in his work. This is basically anime shipping. I admit, I really like this kind of stuff, and I was even more interested since it involve characters from a show that I love so much.

Roughly a year later, MasakoX, the voice of TFS’s Goku, added to the Krillin and 18 romance with his video: WHY #18 CHOSE A NORMAL LIFE | A Dragonball Discussion . He even discusses examples from the Dragon Ball Super anime.

Thanks to these guys, I was able to really appreciate the greatness that is Krillin and overall the Dragon Ball series.

Speaking of Super, despite its faults, My favorite episodes of Super are the in-between-major-arc-EPISODES that are more of a traditional Toriyama comdey and lovely slice of life styel. In these episodes, they really give light to some of the minor characters of the serious, such as Krillin and Gohan. My favorite Krillin and 18 moments are in episodes 68, 75, and 76 of the Super anime. Also, an earlier one in episode 16, when Goku punches Krillin in the face. These are the moments that Super always excels on.

Krillin really is the coolest there is. If I can lead a life like Krillin, mainly having a loving and happy family, and be the strongest human, then  I’ll be really content.

That’s all for this Dragon Ball Blog. What do you guys think? Is krillin heavily underrated? Is weird that he ended up with a badass, beautiful cyborg? And then had a child with said lady?

If you’re a dragon ball nerd like me, please consider using some of your valuable time and watch the videos I linked above. These people always create meaningful, thought-provoking, and engaging content.

Tune in next time!

Please support the official release.

Dragon Ball Super: Goku is not evil. *Warring: It’s a Rant.

Duh… but there’s a disturbance in the fandom.

Due to the recent events in Dragon Ball Super, there’s been some talk going around that Goku is becoming evil. (Mainly in youtube comments, twitter, and some fan forums. ) But it has become an actual problem these past couple of weeks.


I do not believe that Goku is evil. To be frank, the very idea that goku is evil is completely bullshit.

SPOILERS throughout this blog, btw.

Just in case my fellow DB nerds have not watched episodes 77 to 82 of the new on-going Tournament Universal Survival Arc of Dragon Ball Super, here’s what you need to know. If you have, skip this.

Goku is bored and feels like he’s getting a little rusty since he has not had a good fight in a while. So he decides to hit Whis up and asks for some training. While training, he recalls from the Universal 6 Tournament that Zeno sama “promised” that there will be a Universal Tournament with all 12 universes.

Beerus warns Goku that he should not remind Zeno sama of the tournament, because Zeno sama is very unpredictable does anything on a whim. However, Goku just wants to fight strong and stronger opponents, and does not understand the possible lethal consequences of asking the God of everything, who has already destroyed 6 universes and one Corrupted time-line ( the Future Trunks/ Zamasu Arc) , to hold a tournament.

After an epic God tier bickering between Beerus and Goku, Goku outright ignores Beerus’s warnings and asks Zeno sama ( well both Zeno sama, but that is not relevant right now). Zeno O sama agrees and lets Goku know that he and his council will come up with the rules and details soon.

Very soon, Zeno Sama’s Grand Priest delivers the message to Goku, the Kias, and Beerus ( and to the other universes) . A tournament will be held and the losing universes of the tournament will be erased from existence. P.S. There will also be three exhibition matches between Universe 7, Goku’s, and Universe 9, a universal new to us, before the actual tournament.

So because Goku was bored and wanted to fight strong opponent, he has set into motion the extinction of 11/12 of the universes. Yet, he barely shows any remorse or concern. He just happy that he gets a good fight.

(Bullshit) Pro: Goku is evil.

Many fans having been arguing that due to Goku’s selfish actions and lack of concern or guilt to the fact that he will cause the destruction of several universes means that Goku is evil.

Now I admit that it is very reckless and selfish of Goku to not think about the repercussions of his actions.  Especially the lack of concern, now I do agree how ridiculous it is that Goku does not show the slightest bit of concern for the universe that he, his family, and his friends live in.

Also throughout the episodes, there are shots and dialogues with Goku having a somewhat sinister smirk, a sarcastic attitude.Also, when the other universes learned that Zeno sama got the idea from Goku, almost of them immediately jumped on the hating-goku-band-wagon. They called Goku evil and a villain.

Some fans argue that Goku had a chance to prevent the the extinction penalty from the tournament. Yes that’s true. If Goku lost to Bergamo the Crusher, all of the universes would be free from the penalty of extinction, however, if Goku would appear to be holding back and to throw the match, then Zeno would destroy all of the Universes immediately. .


Can you tell me where’s the argument in that? I am sure that Zeno sama and the Grand Priest could tell if Goku threw the match. So really, Goku had no choice.

Clearly, the writers are showing Goku in bad, one-dimensional, light. This is supported by Goku’s ridiculous lack of ANY guilt/ concern and how the other universes view Goku as the root of the problem.

So yes, at this point of a the Arc, the very beginning of it mind you, Goku is kind of the bad guy.

PS: Cannot wait to see how Funimation is going to handle this.

But is he Evil? What defines evil? Is evil just black and white? Is good just black and white?

Counter Argument : Goku is a not evil, but he has several faults.

Seeing Goku in this way is very weird of us DB fans. He’s the main character of a Shonnen Manga/ Anime. He’s saved the Earth many times and even his entire universe. Goku’s also the type of guy able to make nearly everyone he meets his friend. Just look at the Z fighters. Tien, Yamcha, Chiaotzu, and Piccolo were all once Goku’s enemies. Now they’re his best friends. He’s even spared the lives of those who were evil. Examples: Vegeta and Freeza.

Yet, some Fans, based on the events of only 6 fucking episodes, now think that Goku is or is becoming evil.

So, What is evil? Let’s make this short and sweet

. Remember the Freeza saga? Yeah? Freeza’s pretty fucking evil. He’s a space dictator/emperor that gets off on mass genocide. He also killed the Krilldog. RIP(2)2014-10-13-Frieza-Kills-Krillin

Remember Demon King Piccolo? He was depicted as the DEVIL in Dragon Ball. He released all of the Earth’s criminal and overthrew the world government. That’s Fucking evil.Demon Piccole

Remember Zamasu and Goku BLACK? They wanted to eradicate all of the mortals in all universes. They killed all of the Gods of all universes. Goku Black killed Goku in front of his family and then slaughtered Chichi and Goten.Goku BLACKISH


And people argue that Goku fits that card.

Is evil black and white? What about Good? Just look at Anti-Heros. Deadpool, Vegeta for a while. Hell, even some nerds argue that Batman’s an anti-hero.DeadpoolHOT

So yeah, good and evil can be grey. And Hot.

Goku is rather selfish.

And Yes. I am well aware that this is not the first time that Goku has thrown caution to the wind just for a Good fight or for a better fight in the future. Examples: Letting Vegeta live at the end of the Saiyan Saga, Letting Freeza power up to 100%, giving Perfect Cell a senzu so that he can have a fair fight with his 11 year old son, and destroying the Potaras to prevent himself, Goku, and Vegeta from fusing in order to defeat kid buu easily.

Yes, that is reckless and very selfish. Yet, that’s what makes Goku, Goku. He’s not this SUPERMAN the ocean and funimation Dub protrays him to be. He loves fighting, that is literally in his genes. He’s a saiya-jin. They thrive and find joy in a good fight.

But not all the time.

But Goku is not always that way. He is a hero. He sacrificed his life twice for earth: against Radiz and Cell. It’s just that Goku is not a “righteous” hero, like Superman. He may care more about Food and Fighting, but he does care about his friends and family. Just like Humans, Saiya-jins are not perfect. Hell, even the Gods of Dragon Ball are not even perfect.

Goku is not evil. Yes, he has threaten the existence of of 11/12 universes. ( TO all of those who is caught up with Super, I know the actual number of universes that are required to participate. It’s just not relevant at the moment.) But why?

He just wanted a GOOD FIGHT.

It’s just for a good fight. A good challenge. Goku thought that Zeno sama was a good “person”, because he and powerful being of all creation, in the DB universe of Akira Toriyama, are friends.  Yes, as I have been saying, it was reckless for Goku to ignore Beerus’s warning of the unpredictability of Zeno sama. But that does not make him evil!

It does make him reckless, and stupid, but not evil.

Last piece of evidence:

After his brief “spar” with Toppo of Universe 11, Goku complemented on his strength and skill. Toppo was able to match Goku’s Super Saiya-jin Blue form, and Goku respected that. Goku even tried to shake hands with his opponent, but his opponent refused saying: TOPPO no shake hand. *Toppo, big guy in red and black super sentai suit. Episode 82 of DBS


If Goku was evil, he would not have complemented and show respect to his opponent. Just recall how the Vegeta was in the Beginning of Dragon Ball Z. And Goku is not smart enough to fake that.


Sorry for being redundant. This was rant. It really frustrated me that fans thought that Goku is evil.

If anyone wishes to debate me on this subject, I’ll be civil. But trust me, you will not convince me.

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Why I used to hate The Great Saiyaman

At the age of 11, Gohan was able to defeat Perfect Cell in a climactic Father-Son Kamehameha. FatherSonKAMEHAMEHA

Seven years later, he becomes a knock-off super sentai. Great Saiyaman split

Toriyama, why?! Gohan was so cooool.

The Outfit…

Yes, like many children DBZ fans, I could not understand why Gohan wanted to wear such a lame costume. My biggest annoyance of his outfit was the stupid antennas. They served no actual propose. They don’t intimidate evil-doers , like batman’s cowl does.Nor do they function as some type of radio/communication device. Also, it made him look like a bug. My 12 year old self thought what kid Trunks thought about Gohan’s Costume.

Gohan: -dressed as Siayaman- “Alright! I love it! Now that’s what I call style. Hey, what do you think Trunks?”
Trunks: “Yeah it’s great…..” *thinks* if you like looking like a total geek that is.

Back Story: AKA Filler

For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about, here’s what you need to know.

Seven years after the evil cell was defeated, the Earth had relative peace. Due to that, Gohan was able to free follow his mother’s, Chichi, wishes to become a scholar, so he enrolls at Orange Star High School. On his way to his first day of class, Gohan witnessed an armed robbery who were currently having the local police on the ropes. As the good-hearted fellow his is, Gohan transforms into the golden super-saiya-jin form in order to conceal his identity for the moment.

Gohan found a passion for being the hero. Yet, he decided that the transformation was  not enough to mask his identity. With the help of Bulma ( Hot, CEO, Multi-Zennillionaire, philanthropist, Genius, and mom), She designed the Gohan’s costume and even made a wrist watch which allowed him to change into his Great Saiyaman Costume with a touch of a button. Thus, from badass hero, to LARP’er , Gohan became a laughing stocking ( and a Cringe).

The real cringe of the Great Saiyman

The most annoying characteristic of Gohan’s alter ego, was the amount of LARPING he put into. As a kid, to be honest, it thought it was completely GAAAAAYYY. (Yes, I used gay as a derogatory term for homosexuals, and that it was wrong of me. My only excuse, I was a dumb kid.) I could not stand his voice. “- THE HERO OF JUSTICE…”.  It was the opposite of the Christian Bale Batman voice-” WHERE’S RACHEL!!!”

The other half of the cringe was the poses. Most of the DBZ fans understood immediately that his poses were inspired by the Ginyu Force. I was not a big fan of the Ginyu Force when I first saw them in the anime or in the video games.Thus, the poses, even when Gohan did them, were whack, yo!

Side plot….

Speaking of the games, I was not impressed with the Great Saiyaman Character both in the budokai or the budokai tenkaichi games. ( Yes I know that the Great Saiyaman was the bonus character for budokai one, but I did not unlock him. ) In budokai tenkaichi 2, I would always transform back to normal “Adult” Gohan when the story made me plays as the Great Saiyaman. I wanted to shoot Kamehamehas. The Great Saiyaman could not. Therefore, he’s even lame in the games.

My Appreciation Great Saiyaman Dab

My appreciation did not really come from maturity but rather understanding Toriyama’s style. Thanks to the Dragon Ball Youtube community ( Team Four Star’s  satire Parody, and Geekdom101’s and Qaaman’s  DB Platforms), I learned how Toriyama is first and foremost a gag-comic. He also loves making parodies of pop-culture and incorporating  it into his work.

As I mentioned above, I called the Great Saiyaman a knock-off super sentia, which means power ranger. Athletic teen, tights, vivid colors, cheesy lines, and poses is the recipe for all power rangers. ( BTWs, power rangers aka the super sentias originated from Japan.) Toriyama was making fun of that through Gohan. When I finally learned about that, I was impressed. Toriyama nailed it.

Ginyu force TFS

In fact, Toriyama’s first parody of the Super Sentai in DBZ was the Ginyu force. Five members, each was a different colored alien, each with their own gimmicks, and the poses were the factors for the evil, super sentai parody. Then, Gohan intimated the Ginyu force’s pose for the Great Saiyaman. That’s good writing.  I was so dumbfounded that it took me until I was like 16-17 years old for me to realize this. By learning Toriyama’s style, I was able appreciate for what the Great Saiyaman is, a parody of the Power Rangers, which the Power Rangers were part of  my childhood.

As I mentioned, thanks to Youtube, I was able to learn and appreciate Dragon Ball and Toriyama’s Style even further beyond. Thanks to Team Four Star, I know LOVE the Ginyu TOKUSENTAI, which, through satire, improved  my opinion of Great Saiyaman.

The Ginyu arc of Dragon Ball Z abridged season 2 is probably my favorite part of DBZA, and it’s all thanks their WWE Parody of Recoome. dbz-hate



Thank you Dragon Ball Super. You gave us baby Pan-chan! The Daughter of Videl Satan and Son-Gohan. Granddaughter of Son-Goku and our Lord and Savior ( Hercule Mark) SATAN! She’s 1/4 Saiya-jin and she’s too cute.

In Super, Gohan would often play with Pan-Chan as the Great Saiyaman. He would even do battle with Earth’s Champion SATAN in order to win Pan-chan’s heart. Please click on the link to watch this adorable battle.

DB Super episode 17 clip: Great Saiyaman vs Satan. Who will win PAN-CHAN’s Heart!!

Gohan being an actual, loving dad and husband, ( unlike Goku) is one of Super’s best ideas. Thanks for Gohan’s love for his family, he was able to become much more than the badass who defeated Cell.

The best example of Gohan’s love and resolve was Dragon Ball Super episodes 73 and 74. The initial premise of these episode was the making of a Great Saiyaman movie, and Gohan was not playing as the Great Saiyaman. These two episode brought a lot of development for Gohan as a Family man and Fighter and reminded us how Amazing Videl really is.Long story short, the plot thicken, evil alien takeover the actor’s body, Barry Kahn, the lead for the Great Saiyaman, turning Barry into a KING KONG like monster. With his family’s love, the Great Saiyaman saved the day.

That is why I know LOVE the Great Saiyaman.

That’s it nerds. Why do you guys think? As a kid, did you hate the Great Saiyaman ? Did you know about Toriyama’s style as a gag comic his love of pop-culture? Were you a SUPER SANTAI fan ( when it was good)? Did you love Team four Star’s Parody of the Ginyu  TOKUSENTAI? And, isn’t Pan-chan so cute and better than her GT version? Please let me know in the comments. Tune in next time.

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If you’re bored and like Dragon Ball discussions….


Did The Ginyu Force Inspire Gohan To Be Great Saiyaman? A Qaaman’s Land Video, short 4 mins

Gohan: Father or Fighter A GEEKDOM 101 video. * Dragon Ball Super Spoilers of episodes up to 74. * It’s a 20 min Video.LONG, but Great.






Why I used to not like Chi Chi.

Yo!  Guys, let’s be honest. Who else did not like Chi Chi Growing up?

Growing up, I did NOT LIKE Chi Chi at all. I thought she was a bossy bitch. Now, looking back at my younger self, I was being immature, and I hate that I used  to think  way that about an anime mom as great as Chi Chi. Why did I think that way? What made me change? Let me tell you my story.

Even though Chi Chi was introduced originally in Dragon Ball, I did not hate her then. Hell, she was hot in the Piccolo Jr. Saga of Dragon Ball.Chichi Cute.png

Chi Chi began to get on my nerves right after the end of the Saiyan  saga, when she was telling Gohan that HE CANNOT go to Namek to use the Namekian Dragon Balls to revive their Fallen Friends.

As a Kid, my initial thought was, ” Chi Chi, shut up. We need Gohan, and I want Rage Gohan to kick some ass.”  I gave like no fucks and no shits about her concern for her six year old boy. I also felt that show did not care either since Gohan went either way. At this point of this show, I thought Chi Chi was an over protective, push over of a mom.

What really raised the hate levels was her overall attitude in the Cell Saga. She was constantly against her son training in order to defeat Cell and save the Planet. At this point, I was like ” bitch, stfu.” She place her son’s education far above the fate of the Earth. A she said in the show:

The Time Goku slapped Chi Chi through the house and a Tree.

I complete disregarded her concern as a mother and laughed at the fact that her husband sent her flying. I just did not care.

Another thing to consider is the way Toriyama and Toei portrayed Chi Chi. Just look back at the link above. They wrote and continued to write her in super as the strict Asian mother-stereotype. She was designed to be dislike or even hated by Shonen Anime’s targeted audience- Teenage Japanese boys. Even the Funimation dub and other dubs continued Chi-Chi’s unfavorable attitude for the the rest of the teenage boys of the world, and it worked. Most DBZ fans, the majority of whom were boys, like myself, felt this way toward DBZ Chi Chi.

Now this does not mean all of the DBZ fans who hated Chi Chi means they disrespect the authority and concern of their moms, it just means that they want some Classic DBZ action ( mostly Gohan Rage Action) and we do not like anything that could potentially prevent or hinder this. Yet, now I know this was immature of me.

My opinion of her did approve in the Buu Saga. I liked how she encouraged  her son Goten’s Martial Art Training and her both of her sons participation in the  Tenkaichi Budōkai . However, this did not change the fact that I did not like her. This would not happen until was like 16 years old and the thought occurred to me, ” Wait, Chichi’s a mom.” I know it sounds stupid, but I just never took that into consideration. All moms wants what is best for their kid. For Chichi, she wanted her son Gohan and then later Goten to not just be a country bumpkin and fighter like their father. She wanted them to have something more in life. Team Four Star exemplified this in their video of Episode 54 of DBZA:

TFS: Chichi is a mom. A great mom. * Please jump to the 7:52 on the video to see the Chichi speech. If you like it, watch the rest of the video. Then, like and subscribe to Team Four Star. Please support the official release!

After I have matured (a little), I began to understand how awesome a mother Chichi really is. All of her actions and reasons are justified. All she wants is what’s best for her kids, and she did it. Just look at Gohan in Dragon Ball Super. He became a family man. He got an actual career. I very happy that Gohan is not a copy/paste of his father, and that’s all thanks to Chichi. She’s truly a badass lady and grandma.

Final note:

Did you guys dislike/hate Chichi growing up? Do you guys still hate her? Did you guys have similar feeling toward Chichi as I did?  Let me know.

Tune in next time!


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