Krillin’s coolest there is…

IT’S KRILLER TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*pic from the DB Super Anime episode 76

Guys, Krillin ( Kuririn in the original JAP dub) is one of my favorite Characters in all of Dragon Ball. I see Krillin as a role model, way more than I see Goku as one. He’s a family man, and despite the odds, he always gives it his best shot to (help) stop the villain. HELL, without Krillin there Dragon Ball would be very different, and possibly would have ended in very early. Krillin's family

Yet, I did not always see Krillin in such a positive light.

I used to think that Krillin was lame.

In my first blog, I talked about how I got into Dragon Ball Z with the video games, and the video games did tell the tale of DBZ in a simple, for the most part in a correct, way.DBZ supersonic Krillin

Krillin was always the one in trouble, getting owned, and killed. Yes, he helped out, but I always felt he’s involvement was rather insignificant. That’s what I gathered from the games’ story line. Whenever there was a Krillin mission, I was like “Ugh, He has no good or cool moves. He’s base stats were below average .” Krillin_Owned_Count_7

Funny enough, once I got gud in the games, after hours and hours of replay, I played krillin more often in missions and against my friends as a handicap. It made the game harder for me, which I enjoyed. It made me a better DBZ video game player.( I know that does not say much for today’s games, but It’s all I got.”I may not live

Once I started to watch the Funimation Dub and the movies, My respect for Krillin went from hardly none to helpful, comic relief character. Hell, I used to think that Krillin’s greatest *CO-achievement was being the catalyst for the most iconic anime transformation of all time, the Super Saiya-jin, Son-Goku.

Krillin Dies by Freezer_MangaSSJgoku1st-manga.pngCan’t read the panels, neither can I. But I have memorized this scene( the Funimation Dub) to heart. #neeeerrrrrrddddddd!!

The only other time I respected Krillin as a kid was when I saw that He and Android 18 ( really a cyborg ) were actually married and had a kid! At the time, it was more of a shallow macho respect, because I only saw it as the short dude got with the hottie.


If you have read my blog on TFS. you know that I love their work so much. Just to refresh your memory. Dragon Ball Z Abridged is a non-profit fan made parody by Team Four Star. One of the co-founders and writers, Lanipator, voices Abridged Krillin. He and along with the other creators took the comic relief role of Krillin and went even further beyond. They were able to flesh out Krillin’s faults and traits better than the Funimation Dub did.

This made krillin more relatable  with the audience, and become more than just a simple comic relief Character. TFS punch drunk krillin

*This one of my favorite scenes of TFS: DBZA. DBZA episode 20: Punch Drunk Krillin ( The link will take you a couple minutes before the actual moment depicted above to give some context. Please feel free to watch the entire video, then Binged that shit. )

Once I began my love for abridged series, I also discovered other big members of the youtube community such as Geekdom101, Qaaman’s Land, and MasakoX. These guys held discussions on Krillin’s strength, significance in the series, and his overall character development. They helped me open my eyes on how amazing Krillin is.

One, thanks to Krillin, Toriyama’s Dragon Ball series was able to gain major popularity. The first arc of the manga, the original Dragon Ball, had a trio of ridiculous criminals looking for the Dragon Balls to wish for world domination. However, it was not until Goku was looking for a master and the introduction of his rivial Krillin that the series really kicked off.

I am not saying that the manga was awful. The issue back then was with Goku’s character. It was rather plain. So Toriyama’s idea to give goku a rival, not to mention a smart ass rival like kid Krillin, was what Goku needed to become a more developed character. This helped motivate Goku in his training and made the very first World Martial Arts Tournament arc so successful. Without Krilin, Goku would have not got a decent character development and could have caused the end of such a beloved series.

2, One video by Geekdom1o1: How did Krillin seduce 18? , had a discussion of Krillin’s character and charm helped him marry such a badass women. In the videdo, they made the argument how kind and genuine  Krillin is a person and the fact that he stands up to fight no matter how high the odds are stacked against him, Pun intended, were some of the key factors of how 18 grew to love Krillin.

Yes, this a rather romantic subject for Dragon Ball, especially since Toriyama does not like to include deep romantic elements in his work. This is basically anime shipping. I admit, I really like this kind of stuff, and I was even more interested since it involve characters from a show that I love so much.

Roughly a year later, MasakoX, the voice of TFS’s Goku, added to the Krillin and 18 romance with his video: WHY #18 CHOSE A NORMAL LIFE | A Dragonball Discussion . He even discusses examples from the Dragon Ball Super anime.

Thanks to these guys, I was able to really appreciate the greatness that is Krillin and overall the Dragon Ball series.

Speaking of Super, despite its faults, My favorite episodes of Super are the in-between-major-arc-EPISODES that are more of a traditional Toriyama comdey and lovely slice of life styel. In these episodes, they really give light to some of the minor characters of the serious, such as Krillin and Gohan. My favorite Krillin and 18 moments are in episodes 68, 75, and 76 of the Super anime. Also, an earlier one in episode 16, when Goku punches Krillin in the face. These are the moments that Super always excels on.

Krillin really is the coolest there is. If I can lead a life like Krillin, mainly having a loving and happy family, and be the strongest human, then  I’ll be really content.

That’s all for this Dragon Ball Blog. What do you guys think? Is krillin heavily underrated? Is weird that he ended up with a badass, beautiful cyborg? And then had a child with said lady?

If you’re a dragon ball nerd like me, please consider using some of your valuable time and watch the videos I linked above. These people always create meaningful, thought-provoking, and engaging content.

Tune in next time!

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Author: Rogelio

Krillin Strongest there is!!!!! My name is Roy and I love Dragon Ball! This blog is going to be about that. Catch you later! *Flies away on nimbus.

8 thoughts on “Krillin’s coolest there is…”

  1. To answer your questions, I think Krillin is a little underated. But good for him with getting with 18, even thought she was an evil andriod at one point. It kind of goes with his character that he ends up with her. I am currently on the Cell series were Goku is fighting Captain Ginyu by the way. Krillin’s character always developed but I always wanted him to get stronger. I felt that his size would leave him underestimated and he would show case his fighting ability. Aside from Goku’s Kamehameha, (I can’t remember if Krillin ever learned that) his distructo disk was my seconded favorite. It could cut anything and the long he held it the more powerful it became. It would be expected that he would die or come close to it before Goku arrived. Once he married 18 I thought his fighting days would be over, as least getting any stronger.

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    1. Krillin is great. And Yes, throughout the series, all of the foes would, for the most part, make a wise crack about krillin’s size. Yet, he charges in anyway.


    2. 2) Yes, many of us DB fans did think that Krillin’s fighting days were over much like Yamach’s. However, Super is painting him in a new light and has found a purpose to recontinue his training, which is primarily for his family. He’s actually learning a new technique and growing stronger ( not Goku stronger, but you get my point). This one the reasons why I love super.


    3. 3) Krillin did learn the Kamehameha. As well as Yamacha, and Tien. It’s actually a very basic Ki blast.
      As explained in the OG Dragon Ball, the Kamehameha is a when a martial artist brings out all of his inner spiritual energy ( Ki, chakra, ect.), then brings it all to one point, condensing it, and then finally releasing it in one wave of destruction.
      Technically, what’s makes the Kamehameha different from the Galick Gun is simply the color ( normally blue and white, sometimes yellow or even red, depending on the super saiyan form; it varies even in video games and in the anime.) And the fact you have to yell : KA me HA me Ha !!!!!


  2. P.S.S.S. Master Roshi is the creator of the Kamehameha. It took him fifty years of training to develop it.
    It took KID goku literally minutes to learn how to.


  3. P.s.s.s.s.s.s.s.
    The other name for the Kamehameha is the Turtle Destruction Wave.
    Because Master Roshi is the Turtle Hermit, the Turtle sage ( aka kame senin). It’s named after his martial arts style.


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