Dragon Ball and I

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Yup, it’s Dragon ball. To being my saga of the #dragonballblogforlife,  I wish to share with you, my lovely audience, about my first experience into the great work of Akira Toriyama. To frank be fam, I cannot for the life of me remember the very first time I have even seen Dragon Ball. But I know for a fact that what really got me into dragon ball as a kid, 8ish, was the videos games for the PlayStation 2.

Yes, the good ol’ dual shock analog sticks controllers and memory cards of the PS2. So around 2006ish, My brother and I got a ps2 with our very first game, Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 1. I spent so many hours playing that game, screaming my head off yelling kamehameha, and palm rolling those analogue sticks til I got blisters. Then, We got the new and SOOOOO much improved Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2. One of the great features of this game was that It included very simple 3D cinematics throughout each mission of the main story mode that you were able to grasp an understading of the show. I learned the entire story of Dragon Ball Z , from raditz to majin buu, from these games.( By the way, I got good in those games, especially DBZ TB2 and Budokia 3. )

Eventually, I learned that Dragon Ball Z aired in Toonami Cartoon Network, and that’s where I began my the true Adventure of Dragon Ball Z. Man, as a kid, hell even now, the action of DBZ was so thrilling! Aliens, kids, demons, androids, and magic bubble gum monsters going ham, shaking the entire earth, then destroying it, and then the heroes wish it back with Dragon balls. If you’re a DBZ fan, you cannot deny the times you’ve tried to get your power level over 9000 thousand and go SUPER SAIYAN-JIN, nawmean?!

Also, when I visited México for the first time, I was so stoked that DBZ was a thing there, probably even bigger in the US at that time. IT was in Spanish, which I did not knew at the time ( #pleasedon’tjudgeme),but I still watched it. It was the only was way of bonding with my cousins besides playing fútbol every day.

Yes, I even watched Dragon Ball GT( Goku TIME). Yes, I liked it, and SSj 4 Goku and Gogeta are fucking amazing!!!!!

It was not until I was around 13-14 when I learned of the DRAGON BALL. NO Z, No GT, NO KIA. Dragon Ball. I actually read volume one of the Manga by series creator, Akira Toriyama, that was when I learned who the creator was after about 6 years of constantly viewing his work. I loved it. Goku as kid , a country bumpkin, by himself in woods, acting like a monkey boy, because he was. He had a monkey tail. Then one day, a girl runs him over and then proceeds to shoot Goku repeatedly, leaving only light bruises. That was when Bulma first appeared in the series. The plot was that Bulma invented a device called the dragon radar that located the magical wishing orbs called Dragoon Balls, and Goku just happen to be in position of the four star ball given to him by his Grandfather, Son-Gohan. At this point is how Dragon Ball won me over. Bulma wants the dragon ball and tries to persuade Goku to give it to her. She proceeds to tempt him with a free look at her panties. Then Goku says, “I don’t want to look at your dirty butt.” Haha. Yes it was cheesy AF, but it got me then and now I laugh as I write this blog. Thanks to the Manga , I began the watch the OG show. I’ll be honest. Dragon Ball is my favorite out of all the series, including the on-going Dragon Ball Super! Can’t wait to watch episode 78 when I finish this.

If you have read this far, I thank you very much for reading my ramblings of my love of dragon ball. If you’re not a DB fan, then you give no fucks about this blog, so ha! The main reason for me to start at my beginning is because I want to know as one DB fan to another, how did you get into dragon ball? Did you start at the Z anime like most kids in the West? Was it the Games like me? Was it the manga? I guess we’ll tune in NEXT time on the next episode of Dragon Ball Blogs by Roy.

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Author: Rogelio

Krillin Strongest there is!!!!! My name is Roy and I love Dragon Ball! This blog is going to be about that. Catch you later! *Flies away on nimbus.

13 thoughts on “Dragon Ball and I”

  1. This actually also reminded me of when I first started watching dragon ball. I didn’t have a game console as a kid, so I watch and got hooked on Dragon Ball Z. I talking when the episodes were coming out new, waiting weekdays to get home from school just to watch it was the best. I even have a GoKu costume for Halloween, I believe I wore even when it was Halloween. But when I started playing soccer I started having practice during the time the show aired. I have to make a choice and I kept playing soccer. It became hard to keep up with the series but I caught as many of of the re-runs as I possibly could. Eventually Cartoon Network came up with Toonami and Friday nights became the best way to watch them. Now that I think about it I almost certain that Goku costume is still in my parents house, haha.

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    1. Glad to here that. I’ve always been a supporter of Dragon Ball, but I do understand why people don’t like or just refuse to try it out. Dragon Ball has several problems, but I still love it.

      But Hey if you give it a go, and you don’t like the show. That’s Fair.
      If you do, AWESOME.

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  2. At the beginning of this post I knew nothing about Dragon Ball Z. I still don’t know a whole lot, but I might actually watch it some time. I don’t really understand the story line but it sounds interesting. What is your least favorite series?

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    1. That’s cool. For my blog series, I do not intend to retell the complete story of Dragon Ball, that’ll be unnecessary. I am mainly focusing on how Dragon Ball has reached people around the globe, and main topics that I love about it.
      Dragon Ball story line is very straight forward. You could easily watch a youtube video explaining from the Original kid Goku and friends to the end of Buu that would only take like 20 minutes.

      Now for your question. I assume you mean Anime series since I am talking about one the Greatest Animes in History.
      I don’t have a least favorite anime series. The most of the animes I choose to watch I end up enjoying alot. Now there have been a few That I gave up on like Fruits Basket and Kill La Kill. I did not appeal to me.

      Now my least favorite Dragon Ball series would be Dragon Ball GT. It had a few great ideas but overall poor execution.

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  3. Your writing is youthful, fun, and modern—for this I recommend revision. You are writing for an audience and from the looks of the comments your site has, quite a number of our class will be returning. You would not want your content and knowledge to be drowned out by grammatical errors and lack of flow. I noticed errors in capitalization of character names, product titles, and the title of the series! Dragon Ball is a proper noun, you know this. I did like how you cover the series’ fandom in Mexico, really strengthens the overall quality of the show as a art piece. Like other forms of art, the tales of Goku and friends is somethins that can be enjoyed across language barriers.

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    1. I will take your criticism into consideration, Thanks.
      I noticed that I made a big error on saying that Goku’s Father gave him the Four Star dragon ball. While clearly, we know it was his Grandpa Gohan. So I made some revisions.
      Also, I thought when referring to the actual wishing orbs, they did not have to be capitalized. However, it does make sense it do it.


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  4. I am a huge fan of Dragon ball since I am a little kid, I remember watching the fight against kid buu over and over again on vhs, that is one of the best memories of my childhood. I have all the ps2 games, the best is budokai tenkaichi 3, that’s one of the few games I’m good at. I don’t know if you are agree with me, but Dragon Ball in spanish sounds much better.

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  5. That awesome man. Yeah Budokia Tenkaichi 3 is my favorite too. I have not listened to enough Spanish Dub Dragon Ball so I cannot say much about it. I do like how in Spanish, they kept the right way to Pronounce Saiya-jin. I have grown to like the Japanese DUB with ENGLISH SUB. I like DB supers has the same voice actors from even Dragon Ball. Also JAP DUB Freeza is cooler.

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