Dragon Ball Super: Goku is not evil. *Warring: It’s a Rant.

Duh… but there’s a disturbance in the fandom.

Due to the recent events in Dragon Ball Super, there’s been some talk going around that Goku is becoming evil. (Mainly in youtube comments, twitter, and some fan forums. ) But it has become an actual problem these past couple of weeks.


I do not believe that Goku is evil. To be frank, the very idea that goku is evil is completely bullshit.

SPOILERS throughout this blog, btw.

Just in case my fellow DB nerds have not watched episodes 77 to 82 of the new on-going Tournament Universal Survival Arc of Dragon Ball Super, here’s what you need to know. If you have, skip this.

Goku is bored and feels like he’s getting a little rusty since he has not had a good fight in a while. So he decides to hit Whis up and asks for some training. While training, he recalls from the Universal 6 Tournament that Zeno sama “promised” that there will be a Universal Tournament with all 12 universes.

Beerus warns Goku that he should not remind Zeno sama of the tournament, because Zeno sama is very unpredictable does anything on a whim. However, Goku just wants to fight strong and stronger opponents, and does not understand the possible lethal consequences of asking the God of everything, who has already destroyed 6 universes and one Corrupted time-line ( the Future Trunks/ Zamasu Arc) , to hold a tournament.

After an epic God tier bickering between Beerus and Goku, Goku outright ignores Beerus’s warnings and asks Zeno sama ( well both Zeno sama, but that is not relevant right now). Zeno O sama agrees and lets Goku know that he and his council will come up with the rules and details soon.

Very soon, Zeno Sama’s Grand Priest delivers the message to Goku, the Kias, and Beerus ( and to the other universes) . A tournament will be held and the losing universes of the tournament will be erased from existence. P.S. There will also be three exhibition matches between Universe 7, Goku’s, and Universe 9, a universal new to us, before the actual tournament.

So because Goku was bored and wanted to fight strong opponent, he has set into motion the extinction of 11/12 of the universes. Yet, he barely shows any remorse or concern. He just happy that he gets a good fight.

(Bullshit) Pro: Goku is evil.

Many fans having been arguing that due to Goku’s selfish actions and lack of concern or guilt to the fact that he will cause the destruction of several universes means that Goku is evil.

Now I admit that it is very reckless and selfish of Goku to not think about the repercussions of his actions.  Especially the lack of concern, now I do agree how ridiculous it is that Goku does not show the slightest bit of concern for the universe that he, his family, and his friends live in.

Also throughout the episodes, there are shots and dialogues with Goku having a somewhat sinister smirk, a sarcastic attitude.Also, when the other universes learned that Zeno sama got the idea from Goku, almost of them immediately jumped on the hating-goku-band-wagon. They called Goku evil and a villain.

Some fans argue that Goku had a chance to prevent the the extinction penalty from the tournament. Yes that’s true. If Goku lost to Bergamo the Crusher, all of the universes would be free from the penalty of extinction, however, if Goku would appear to be holding back and to throw the match, then Zeno would destroy all of the Universes immediately. .


Can you tell me where’s the argument in that? I am sure that Zeno sama and the Grand Priest could tell if Goku threw the match. So really, Goku had no choice.

Clearly, the writers are showing Goku in bad, one-dimensional, light. This is supported by Goku’s ridiculous lack of ANY guilt/ concern and how the other universes view Goku as the root of the problem.

So yes, at this point of a the Arc, the very beginning of it mind you, Goku is kind of the bad guy.

PS: Cannot wait to see how Funimation is going to handle this.

But is he Evil? What defines evil? Is evil just black and white? Is good just black and white?

Counter Argument : Goku is a not evil, but he has several faults.

Seeing Goku in this way is very weird of us DB fans. He’s the main character of a Shonnen Manga/ Anime. He’s saved the Earth many times and even his entire universe. Goku’s also the type of guy able to make nearly everyone he meets his friend. Just look at the Z fighters. Tien, Yamcha, Chiaotzu, and Piccolo were all once Goku’s enemies. Now they’re his best friends. He’s even spared the lives of those who were evil. Examples: Vegeta and Freeza.

Yet, some Fans, based on the events of only 6 fucking episodes, now think that Goku is or is becoming evil.

So, What is evil? Let’s make this short and sweet

. Remember the Freeza saga? Yeah? Freeza’s pretty fucking evil. He’s a space dictator/emperor that gets off on mass genocide. He also killed the Krilldog. RIP(2)2014-10-13-Frieza-Kills-Krillin

Remember Demon King Piccolo? He was depicted as the DEVIL in Dragon Ball. He released all of the Earth’s criminal and overthrew the world government. That’s Fucking evil.Demon Piccole

Remember Zamasu and Goku BLACK? They wanted to eradicate all of the mortals in all universes. They killed all of the Gods of all universes. Goku Black killed Goku in front of his family and then slaughtered Chichi and Goten.Goku BLACKISH


And people argue that Goku fits that card.

Is evil black and white? What about Good? Just look at Anti-Heros. Deadpool, Vegeta for a while. Hell, even some nerds argue that Batman’s an anti-hero.DeadpoolHOT

So yeah, good and evil can be grey. And Hot.

Goku is rather selfish.

And Yes. I am well aware that this is not the first time that Goku has thrown caution to the wind just for a Good fight or for a better fight in the future. Examples: Letting Vegeta live at the end of the Saiyan Saga, Letting Freeza power up to 100%, giving Perfect Cell a senzu so that he can have a fair fight with his 11 year old son, and destroying the Potaras to prevent himself, Goku, and Vegeta from fusing in order to defeat kid buu easily.

Yes, that is reckless and very selfish. Yet, that’s what makes Goku, Goku. He’s not this SUPERMAN the ocean and funimation Dub protrays him to be. He loves fighting, that is literally in his genes. He’s a saiya-jin. They thrive and find joy in a good fight.

But not all the time.

But Goku is not always that way. He is a hero. He sacrificed his life twice for earth: against Radiz and Cell. It’s just that Goku is not a “righteous” hero, like Superman. He may care more about Food and Fighting, but he does care about his friends and family. Just like Humans, Saiya-jins are not perfect. Hell, even the Gods of Dragon Ball are not even perfect.

Goku is not evil. Yes, he has threaten the existence of of 11/12 universes. ( TO all of those who is caught up with Super, I know the actual number of universes that are required to participate. It’s just not relevant at the moment.) But why?

He just wanted a GOOD FIGHT.

It’s just for a good fight. A good challenge. Goku thought that Zeno sama was a good “person”, because he and powerful being of all creation, in the DB universe of Akira Toriyama, are friends.  Yes, as I have been saying, it was reckless for Goku to ignore Beerus’s warning of the unpredictability of Zeno sama. But that does not make him evil!

It does make him reckless, and stupid, but not evil.

Last piece of evidence:

After his brief “spar” with Toppo of Universe 11, Goku complemented on his strength and skill. Toppo was able to match Goku’s Super Saiya-jin Blue form, and Goku respected that. Goku even tried to shake hands with his opponent, but his opponent refused saying: TOPPO no shake hand. *Toppo, big guy in red and black super sentai suit. Episode 82 of DBS


If Goku was evil, he would not have complemented and show respect to his opponent. Just recall how the Vegeta was in the Beginning of Dragon Ball Z. And Goku is not smart enough to fake that.


Sorry for being redundant. This was rant. It really frustrated me that fans thought that Goku is evil.

If anyone wishes to debate me on this subject, I’ll be civil. But trust me, you will not convince me.

AS always, Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT, and Dragon Ball Super are all owned by Funimation, Fuji TV, Toei Animation, Funimation, and Akira Toriyama. Please Support the official release.






Author: Rogelio

Krillin Strongest there is!!!!! My name is Roy and I love Dragon Ball! This blog is going to be about that. Catch you later! *Flies away on nimbus.

2 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super: Goku is not evil. *Warring: It’s a Rant.”

  1. I don’t think Goku is evil. He has his Saiyan nature, that always pushes him to fight. There has to be only so many villains that come to Earth looking for a fight, or the dragon balls. I haven’t followed the series in quit some time, but it seems that Saiyans can growth in strength and learn almost any technique. That being said if they don’t die or continuously get brought back to life, they just get stronger and stronger. Fighting is all they seem to want to do, no matter which Saiyan you look at. With these other universes that have fighters. Why not just send Goku to fight and learn from each. That has to be a life time. Now I could see Goku’s character being changed into a villain if power goes to his head on this journey. Say other universes don’t want to teach him so he forces them by starting a fight. But i don’t know, there seems to be so many ways Goku could get what he wants without jeopardizing a universe and all it’s people.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I agree for the most part. Yes, it maybe in his nature as a saiyan to always get stronger and fight, but his nurture has affected him greatly. His friends, masters, and Family have all helped goku develop for the Better. Goku is not the brightest guy and he can be rather selfish, but he does not pray on the weak.
      Also it would take a lot to make Goku turn evil, as it took a lot for Vegeta to become a good guy.
      But I do agree that Goku should be held accountable for his actions. And I will find out as I tune in next time! As the Universal Survival Arc continues…

      Liked by 2 people

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