Why I used to not like Chi Chi.

Yo!  Guys, let’s be honest. Who else did not like Chi Chi Growing up?

Growing up, I did NOT LIKE Chi Chi at all. I thought she was a bossy bitch. Now, looking back at my younger self, I was being immature, and I hate that I used  to think  way that about an anime mom as great as Chi Chi. Why did I think that way? What made me change? Let me tell you my story.

Even though Chi Chi was introduced originally in Dragon Ball, I did not hate her then. Hell, she was hot in the Piccolo Jr. Saga of Dragon Ball.Chichi Cute.png

Chi Chi began to get on my nerves right after the end of the Saiyan  saga, when she was telling Gohan that HE CANNOT go to Namek to use the Namekian Dragon Balls to revive their Fallen Friends.

As a Kid, my initial thought was, ” Chi Chi, shut up. We need Gohan, and I want Rage Gohan to kick some ass.”  I gave like no fucks and no shits about her concern for her six year old boy. I also felt that show did not care either since Gohan went either way. At this point of this show, I thought Chi Chi was an over protective, push over of a mom.

What really raised the hate levels was her overall attitude in the Cell Saga. She was constantly against her son training in order to defeat Cell and save the Planet. At this point, I was like ” bitch, stfu.” She place her son’s education far above the fate of the Earth. A she said in the show:

The Time Goku slapped Chi Chi through the house and a Tree.

I complete disregarded her concern as a mother and laughed at the fact that her husband sent her flying. I just did not care.

Another thing to consider is the way Toriyama and Toei portrayed Chi Chi. Just look back at the link above. They wrote and continued to write her in super as the strict Asian mother-stereotype. She was designed to be dislike or even hated by Shonen Anime’s targeted audience- Teenage Japanese boys. Even the Funimation dub and other dubs continued Chi-Chi’s unfavorable attitude for the the rest of the teenage boys of the world, and it worked. Most DBZ fans, the majority of whom were boys, like myself, felt this way toward DBZ Chi Chi.

Now this does not mean all of the DBZ fans who hated Chi Chi means they disrespect the authority and concern of their moms, it just means that they want some Classic DBZ action ( mostly Gohan Rage Action) and we do not like anything that could potentially prevent or hinder this. Yet, now I know this was immature of me.

My opinion of her did approve in the Buu Saga. I liked how she encouraged  her son Goten’s Martial Art Training and her both of her sons participation in the  Tenkaichi Budōkai . However, this did not change the fact that I did not like her. This would not happen until was like 16 years old and the thought occurred to me, ” Wait, Chichi’s a mom.” I know it sounds stupid, but I just never took that into consideration. All moms wants what is best for their kid. For Chichi, she wanted her son Gohan and then later Goten to not just be a country bumpkin and fighter like their father. She wanted them to have something more in life. Team Four Star exemplified this in their video of Episode 54 of DBZA:

TFS: Chichi is a mom. A great mom. * Please jump to the 7:52 on the video to see the Chichi speech. If you like it, watch the rest of the video. Then, like and subscribe to Team Four Star. Please support the official release!

After I have matured (a little), I began to understand how awesome a mother Chichi really is. All of her actions and reasons are justified. All she wants is what’s best for her kids, and she did it. Just look at Gohan in Dragon Ball Super. He became a family man. He got an actual career. I very happy that Gohan is not a copy/paste of his father, and that’s all thanks to Chichi. She’s truly a badass lady and grandma.

Final note:

Did you guys dislike/hate Chichi growing up? Do you guys still hate her? Did you guys have similar feeling toward Chichi as I did?  Let me know.

Tune in next time!


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Author: Rogelio

Krillin Strongest there is!!!!! My name is Roy and I love Dragon Ball! This blog is going to be about that. Catch you later! *Flies away on nimbus.

6 thoughts on “Why I used to not like Chi Chi.”

  1. Haha I remember the episode that Goku slapped Chichi through the wall. And I must admit she use to be a buzz kill for the fighting, (which for me was the best part). Always stepping in telling Gohan he has to study and do homework. Or trying to stop Goku and Gohan from going off to train or do battle. But now I realize that’s what moms do. Sometimes that make you do things that you just don’t want to do, like as a kid having to come inside when the street lights came on. It’s something I never wanted to do, but now I thank her for it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Totally Agree, man. It’s strange to look back and understand the way you used to view things as a kid. It’s a good sign that you’re maturing bit. Well, as mature as you can get talking about Dragon Ball. Lol

      Liked by 1 person

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