DBZ Video Games: My 1#

Dragon Ball Z Budokia Tenkaichi 2 is my Favorite Dragon Ball Video Game.

edit: the TenKaichi Series in General*

tenkaichi 2

What?! Why not Budokia 3, or Xenoverse?

In my first blog post of the A Dragon Ball Nerd series, I mentioned that I was first introduce to Dragon Ball Z by playing the video games. So I have decided to share with my fellow nerds and those of you who have to view my blog ( @ the Latter: sorry but this is going to be BOOORRINNG for you).

Now I SAY right now that DBZBT2 is NOT the best Dragon Ball Z game ever. *On a side note, I say that Dragon Ball Z Super Sonic Warriors for the Gameboy Advanced SP is possibly the BEST DBZ video game ever. However, that is not today’s Topic.

1st let me answer briefly to the question above:

Budokia 3- Fuck Dragon Rush. It used to be that all I had to do to activate Warp Kamehameha was P P K K E and have atleast three bars of ki. So fuck you for making that a near impossibility in the third installment of best Dragon Ball Z video game Fightinhg series to date.

Xenoverse: 1) I do not a have many hours on that shit yet, and I have not play the second one yet. So I cannot give a more detailed opinion. Also, It’s a Action RPG with a simple yet effective Fighting engine. Therefore, it’s not a full fledged fighting game.

Please comment below of your thoughts on those games.

My love for DBZBT2 (aka BT2)

The Tenkiaichi series starts out as many DBZ Games do with the Arrival of Raditz and to the End of Z and the End of GT. The one of the first take aways of the game was the immense Rosters of Characters. From saibamen to Super Saiyan 4  Gogeta. However the real appeal of the game was The large open world arenas,  the weird camera angles, the music, and the COMBOS!

BT2 Story Mode*In story mode, you fly around the Earth or Planet Namek to specific markers on the map to engage in Main story points or side quests.

Yes, BT2 made me feel that I was in total control of the Z fighter’s and the Villain’s full destructive power, overwhelming speed, and all of their finishing moves. The Tenkaichi was able to establish this by going from that standard 2D Mortal Kombat fighting style into the 3D Fighting Style. This allow players to move around freely in the open world arenas.

*In the pic below, you could also fly below the chilly waters.

BT2 Glacier

You were able to flying around Kami’s Lookout, Kame House, Planet Namek, and more. This really makes you feel that your blasting and combo-ing in the world of Dragon Ball. Also it has simple environmental destruction qualities. You could destroy boulders, trees, and buildings directly or by launching your opponent into it dealing extra damage. The very Dragon Ball feel of this mechanic was if you directed a Blast Ultimate near or toward the ground of the one of the arenas with a planet, it would activate a cut scene of  showing your blast destroying chuck of the planet and then the arena becomes ” Ruined” wasteland. ( If it’s on Namek, it’s the same only on fire.)

The combat system was more like an actual Dragon Ball Z fight than the Budokia Series. With the destructive environments and the 3D movement, the player can combo his/her opponent across the entire arena. You could launch a 10-20 hit combo, teleporting, or flying into your opponent, and at the end of it your could unleash your Kamehameha. You could also trip your opponent or your stun them and then  unleash your Disctructo Discs ( aka the Kienzan). Just like when Goku unleashed his x20 Kiaoken Kamehameha against Freeza or when Piccolo almost nail No. 17 with his Hellzone Grenade.

Speaking of Super Moves and Finishers, this game had the Ki blast clash mechanic before Budokia. Both Games had the simple melee clash. In the Tenkaichi series, the melee clash was activated when both opponents engaged in Dragon Dash via manual button impute or by activating a Melee Super. The Clash was a simple who can move the analog stick in a fucking circles the fastest.

However, thanks to the beam clash mechanic,us nerds could recreate the Epic Galick Ho vs Kiaoken x 4 Kamehameha.

The Tenkiachi series also used a a simple RPG leveling system. In the game, You find and buy Potaras. These Potaras give your character a base bonus on a Stat: Health, KI, Attack, Defense, Blast 1 ( special techniques such as the solar Flare and the Kiaoken) , Blast 2 ( KI blasts such as the Full power energy wave), and the Ultimate Blast ( such as the KI KO HO) .  When you use a Potara, it gains XP in battle, so the Potaras actually level up and give you a bigger boast. All stats max out at 20.BT2 Stats

However, every character could raise every stat. You had to choose which stats you want to boast and the rest would be left at lvl 1. However this is Why I loved the Game. I figured out which stats to boast, and I would grind for days.


Pro Tip: Us the Special Orange Potaras, they can give the ability for certain characters to have another stat to boast and grind or give you special battle quirks such as all Supers only use half the amount of Ki.

Pro Tip: Do not improve Blast 1 or Defense. Speed and Power always win.

Thanks to this feature I could make Krillin GOD TIER and fucking wreck my friends with the Krillin combo: Enter Max Power Mode by having max ki. Use the infinite one button combo, use the lift kick combo, stun, and then Fierce Disctructo disc.

To be fair, you can do this with every single character with their respected ultimates. Thus, the game got repeated after several hundred hours. I loved it anyway.

Overall, the 3D fighting system, blast clashes, and the Leveling up/ grinding is why I love this game the most. Now there’s also the story mode and bonus What If Sagas that the Game does have, however I just wanted to talk about why I love BT2 over Budokia 3.

Yes I know there’s a BT3, but I Liked being able to deal over 5 million damage as base form goku with the Spirit Bomb, and BT2 gave that to me and then BT3 took it away. I missed that. Also, there’s more battles in BT2 Story Mode than Bt3.

Yes I admitt, the Dragon Fist in BT3 is so much cooler than the one in  BT2.

That’s it nerds. Tune in Next time. For a up and coming Dragon Ball Game…







Author: Rogelio

Krillin Strongest there is!!!!! My name is Roy and I love Dragon Ball! This blog is going to be about that. Catch you later! *Flies away on nimbus.

3 thoughts on “DBZ Video Games: My 1#”

  1. I cannot remember what the game was called, but there was a DBZ computer game. It was an online game, you could go to a website and play. It was just playing against the computer, but You could pick a character and you battled. Each character had specific moves and you could choose between those moves and moving to one of the four corners. It was really fun.

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    1. Was it Dragon Ball Online? Or Dragon Ball Heros? IT could have also been a fan made game. Wait Speaking of Fan made games… Thanks! I just got my idea for the next Dragon Ball blog.


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