Dragon Ball Z Abridged

“Kiao-WHAT??!!” , “SENZO BEAN!!”, NERDDDD!!!!!!”, and ” I need an adult.”

Da Fuck?

Yo! My fellow DBZ, DBS, DB fans ( and EVEN GT fans)  let’s be honest. We all love Dragon Ball Z. It may be your favorite anime ever- Hell, for some your favorite show ever, but is it the best anime ever? From Raditz to Majin Buu, is Dragon Ball Z a perfect, coherent anime. Hell no! But Dragon Ball Abridged? That sounds like some fan made Bullshit like Dragon Ball GT. Well, you’re not wrong.

What is it?

Dragon Ball Z Abridged is a ” non-profit, fan-based PARODY.” As the title stated, Dragon Ball Z Abridged is a shorten, re-“dubed”, satire version of the beloved series by AkriaToriyama, Toie Animation, Fuji TV, and FUNimation.



As a Dragon Ball Z fan, don’t you wish for “something freeshh”. Dragon Ball Z in a new light.  A show where everyone’s flaws are jacked even further beyond. Goku’s even more of an idoit. Vegeta’s even angrier and even more big-headed. Krillin gets a “own count”. Gohan’s a super smart ass,  Nappa is the best character, and Mr. Popo makes Cthulhu his bitch.  The creators of Dragon Ball Z Abridged is Team Four Star. Team Four Star is a group of NERDY AS FUCK, super ego-ed, talented, “cheeky dick-waffles” , dragon ball loving writers, voice actors, and editors .

Brief History tfs-logo

Inspired by littlekuriboh’sYugioh: TheAbridgedSeries,  voiceactors Lanipator, Takahata101, KaiserNeko, and MasakoX teamed up along with other minor voice actors of that time in 2008 to create the first episode of Dragon Ball Z Abridged. By their second episode only a few months later, the had reached 100,000 subscribers. Over the years they had several other voice actors join their team. They have appeared in several Youmacon, anime-like conventions, attracting thousands to hundreds of thousands of fans. As to this date, they have created up to 56 abridged episodes ( from saiyan saga to cell saga currently), 8 abridged movies, and several other projects. They currently have 2.4 million subscribers, and their videos average between 5-4 millions views. Their main platform is non-profit.Clearly you can see how much passion they put into all of their work.


Dragon Ball Abridged is both for the hard-core DBZ nerd and for the causal DBZ fan. In nearly each episode, they’ll make slight references to dub changes, retcons, ass-pulls, and even differences between the anime and manga. One of my favorite references is of Bardock the Father of Goku.

*Slight Spoiler

It was made in their recent movie: Broly the Legendary Super Saiyan. Bardock was referred as a renowned scientist. This is a reference  to the OCEAN dub change. The OCEAN dub was one of the first new dubs of Dragon Ball Z. In the ocean dub, Bardock was called a brilliant scientist. * Question: What is ” brilliant scientist” a reference from? Hint: Goku is a Saiyan.

My Experience

Now let me reflect on my first thought of DBZA. When I first saw it on my youtube suggestions feed. I thought it was some fan-made bullshit and never bothered to view it. It was not until my junior year of high school, until one of my friends suggested I should give it a try.


So He and I watched the first episode. It was about eight minutes long. What got me begging for more was the line, ” Holy Black on a Popo.” It was Goku’s, voiced by MasakoX, response to sensing RAditz’s power level for the first time. I could not stop laughing. I could not believed I have ignored this for years.

As I continued watching episode after episode, I saw how Team Four Star grew in their performance. Man, have they come a LONG way from episode one. It introduced my to so many of Dragon Ball Z’s faults in way that you just love. They brought out some of our favorite character’s flaws, and turned them into strength. It made my connection to Dragon Ball stronger than ever. Also they always promote supporting the official release. Team Four Star is group of friends and passionate nerds. They work their ass off for their fans. Literally, their main platform, DBZAbridged is non-profit.

SUPPORT Team Four Star

I do wish to do more of an analysis and reviews of their content, but for this Dragon Ball Blog, I would like for  my fellow DBZ fans who have not watched any Team Four Star Dragon Ball Z Abridged  to give them a try. Just one day when you are on youtube, bored, just search it.

Now if you wish to start from episode one, go ahead, but it’s a little rough for the first three episodes compared to the rest. I am a nerd, a big nerd, so I binged that shit and watched all the way up to episode 46 in just a week ( Not impressive I know, but I had a job at the time and school.)

I recommend to begin with their latest installment. Movie 8: Broly the Legendary Super Saiyan Abridged. It is their best work on the series so far. If you like it, Like and Subscribe to their channel. Be warned, the video is 30 minutes long. But WORTH IT!

For Those who have seen Team Four Star, please continue supporting the official release and Team Four Star. Here’s my question to you guys:

  • What do you think about the reference ” brilliant scientist” in regard to Bardock in the OCEAN DUB? What is it Alluring to?
  • Why do you think the voice of Goku in DBZ abridged has the screen name of MasakoX?
  • Who’s your favorite Character of DBZA?

I’ll place some links below for the Broly Movie, DBZA episode 1, and a MasakoX Channel video.

Thanks for reading guys and Please Tune in next time for A Dragon Ball Nerd’s blog.






Author: Rogelio

Krillin Strongest there is!!!!! My name is Roy and I love Dragon Ball! This blog is going to be about that. Catch you later! *Flies away on nimbus.

7 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Z Abridged”

  1. I greatly appreciate the recognition you are giving the cast behind DBZA. I would have like that you would have compared the countries of origin of the original series and abridged. You mentioned satire when talking about DBZA, which has become a very American thing. Did the Japanese writer, Akira Toriyama, have a same response to the series? Was it favorable?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I be honest. I have no idea. I looked at the kanzenshuu.com/forums and there no clear statement if he has or not. Also I believe that Toriyama is not well versed in English and so He would not get all of the Jokes of this American Based, in Texas, Abridged series.
      However, I do know that Toei Animation has caused TFS legal trouble in the past before. They almost lost have their videos back in 2015 due to copy rights.

      PS kanzenshuu.com is the official Dragon Ball media site.

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  2. I can see that you are very passionate about Dragon ball. I love how you are practically an expert on the series. Why do they do it as a non profit? Why not make money off of it like most youtubers?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Such as Geekdom101 and Qaaman’s Land.
    The reason why they have to do it non profit is due to copyright.
    They cannot gain any direct profit from their Parody videos because they’re using the same footage and some music from the Anime.
    Also, It is also how Youtube defines their copyright policies.


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